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Friday, October 24, 2008


hahah.. td pg pegi lawatan ikut geng RIC..
im not even a RIC member.. lol..
we go to 'Pusat Pembuatan Termaju SIRIM Bukit Jalil'..
sumtin like dat lar..
ok lar..
de best part tyme we all tgk mesin prototaip..
pergh!!! 2.8 million ooo bnda 2... hahah...
tp mmg best lar..
only dat partycular part lar..
ok lar..
i wanna continue my sleep..

Nash Birthday Prank!!!!!

2day is nash's birthday lol... hahah..
we planned 2 prank on him weeks ago..
2 nite is the nite.. we cought him at the cafe doin his assignment..
things got really nasty dowh.. hahahahah..

our episode continued at his room..
me, musz, adam, luke, saufie n darren was the 'rapper'.. hahah..
we tied him on his bed..
since he got free calls on his birthday, we called azzreen, his girlfriend(not yet lar)..
we blackmailed her.. if she refused 2 say i love u to nash, we'll rape nash.. hahah..
but she does'nt... we let nash go coz he look very2 tired lol.... hahahh..
it must be his worst birthday, 4 now...
watch out 4 those their birthday r comin...
better dont let me find it out... hahahah...


hell yeah!!!!
im here babeh.. keep reading my blog ek...
i'll keep posting...