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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

ode to joy

okay.. 24th February, merangkap burfday si kapal(slh sorg membe ak kat KLMU neh)... so fellow batus.. i think u might know what's has been planned rite.. hahahah.. just like muz's burfday bash(minus the mouth watering chocolate cake, seriously agak sodap..), kapal's got his berfday bash toooooo.. hahahah.. mybe not the same lar.. okay.. its started when i saw kapal was like goin to run away from all of us just now around 11.50.. hahahah.. big mistake dude... so, me n wahyu quickly grab him b4 he could manage to escape.. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..... we lock him first in wahyu;s house coz it still another 5 minutes 4 him to live his live b4 the massive hoo-haa... around 12.10.. kmi angkat kapal rmai2 n bwk g kat pool.. OKAY!!! rmai2 kmi lambung kapal into the pool... damn cold katernyer... nek je dri pool.. tros we all usung die g tmpat gelap ckit n the fun part begins.. hahahah.. tepung time.. hahahah... habis si kapal jdi putih... hahahahahahahahah... n den after dat, we all tros lar lri skuat yg mungkin.... ye lar.. tyme tu lar die nk stat plok org len sume... RUN 4 UR LIFE!!!! hahahahah..... sume b'tempiaran lari.. huhuhu...n den we got back upstairs n we wait up 4 the other kapal's hsemate u come up from their late supper... n when they just got upstairs.. we were informed that ito's burfday was on 23rd feb.. its not too late 4 a bash now ryte... we r still n the fuckin mood.. hahahah.. we got ito in the pool tooo.. n den like b4, tepung attack!!! hahahahahahah.. ito yg more like neggers dh jdi putih gak.. hahahah.. rmbutnya yg afro nk mmpos tros lkat tepung... huhuhhuhuhuhuh... lawak sial!!! hahahah... n den after that massive hoo-haa, we all got ourself balik to umah msg2 lar.. weyyyy... most of us got klass at 8 am okay.. hahahah...

si kapal n wahyu...

ito yg sudah d'putihkan.. hahahah

Thursday, February 19, 2009

soo not glam days!!!

erm.. how to start... okay.. last monday, i woke up around 11 coz i got my first class-Theory Of Food...(yeah.. since there's too much of hols turns out on monday) hahahah... so, my class start at 2 n wrap up around 4.30..(actually, its supposed to be at 5..) mybe coz of its the first class n my obviously fake curious face n damn boring classmates, my lec wrap it up early.. (i think) n after that, as im rushing to the KTM(its 4.30, n i dont wanna cought up with all the nonsense office crowds at 5), my dad call n told me that he's on his way to kl.. yeah2.. i saw my money coming.. hahah.. although he didnt mention a single words bout money.. hahahahhahahahaha... coz now im kinda broke.. heheheh.. when i reach home, i cought up wif the rest of my hsemates n quickly change my clothes.. coz i'll be in the pool in exectly another 5 min... hahahahah.. that nite, while i was eating wif my fren at kedai akak indon kat bwh tuh, my dad call n told he's on his way to me... yeah2... money money money... around 10, i met him n my uncle infront of kedai runcit bangla(that what we called the grocery store infront of our condo)... we lepak2 at the kedai makan..my father get his self roti telor n teh tarik..(thats his only fav i think..)hahahah... b4 they leave, i got my money(i've told u so), its 200 in total.. hahahah... that nite i hve a very nice dream of me goin shopping... huhuhuhuhuu.... like always... on tuesday, i supposed to hve class at 8.. but it turns out that im not be able to attend my ass to the class coz i didnt wake up.. hahahahahahah.. after i woke up at 12 noon, i get my ass ready coz im goin to klcc..(shopping ofcoz)... my first aim when im there is Kinokuniya... i got myself three new books...(i love reading) lepak2 around there until 5.30.. n den i went to starbuck n get myself iceblended chocolate...(the 4th most delicious drink) hahahahah.. lepak there until 8 if im not mistaken... den i got myself new clothes from ROMP.. hahahahah... when i got home, im only left with 20 ringgit... ARGHHH!!! (the price u hve to deal after u go shopping)... ishk2... im broke.. again!!! on wednesday, i got class at 11 n somehow i manage to be in that class.. (i havent sleep last night..) hahahah.. so at lunch.. me, long, nia n our new fren - syafiq...(he's not the same syapiq i've mention b4) they all ate lunch.. im excluded.. i hve 2 cut down my expences... really.. im broke.. i cant buy cigarrete, eat much less, n NO MORE SHOPPING!!!(thats hard)...... ishk2... pity me... n today i didnt hve any class.. not that i skippedany of my classes.. its thursday okay.. im free from any class.. hahahah... im not really in any mood rite now... im BROKE!!!!!!!! uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa........

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Its Agony!!!

Rules: It’s harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag twenty people. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real; nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can’t use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1. What is your name : Alif

2. A four Letter Word : airy

3. A boy’s Name : Aaron

4. A girl’s Name : Allen

5. An occupation : airline pilot

6. A color : Amber

7. Something you’ll wear: Agnes B.

9. A food : Ayam Goreng..

10. Something found in the bathroom: Apricot scrub

11. A place : Argentina

12. A reason for being late : Asleep

13. Something you’d shout : Argh!!

14. A movie title : Animal

15. Something you drink : Applejack

16. A musical group : Air Supply

17. An animal : Ant

18. A street name : Avenue

19. A type of car : Ashton Martin

20. The title of a song : All the small thing(Blink 182)

The experience to deduce a word that begins with the letter “A”: Ackward!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

again n again

i just coulnt help myself about it..
okay.. i love to shop..
but.. its developed into a habbit..
n now, i must at least buy sumtin evri single day..
wah wah wah..
like my father ni bilionaire ke ape..
n today..
me n long get our ass to mid(ermmm)..
nothin much actually..
his father just bank in sum money 4 him..
so, he wanted to bought a transformers that he's been crazy 'bout..
(yeah, he do love his toys)
soo called i dont want to buy anything lol..
i got our room new curtain...
its blueish purple..
(since my bed is light blue n long's pink!!!)
yeah.. our room is agak colorfull..
hahahhahahaha...isnt it adorable...


happy fuckin valentines day!!
im all alone..
n lovin it..

Monday, February 9, 2009

Tag Tag Tag

here’s the rule: Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below.Then you must choose a picture in the first page of results, and post it as your answer. After that tag 7 people.

1. the age of next birthday: 19 forever.

2. place i'd like to travel: fifth avenue, new york!!!!

3. a favorite place: shopping mall

4. nickname i had: ada minah sorg ni pgl aku sonic(WTF)

5. a favourite color: rose white.. yay

6. a favourite food: anything involved with chocolate....

7. college/university major: hotel management

8. name of my love:i hve non.. but i hve a crush on sum1.. i couldnt tell.. hahah.. but i do love my mom.

9. a hobby: freaking damn shopping lerrr

10. a bad habit: errrrr... sleep alot(like more than 10 hours a day)

11. my wish list: never run out of money la beb...

1. Reen

2. Kynah

3. Sab aka sabariah(hahahahah)

4. Naz

5. kambeeek

6. anas

7. the luv of mine


Saturday, February 7, 2009

twins day out!!!!

today, bgun je dri tdo kol 11 like dat(say nothin plezz), i felt so freakin damm bord.. so, t'lintas d my mind nk kuar.. so, ajk lar mmbe2 d umah ni kuar.. sume x ley pkai.. arghhh... tensi nyer.. nk d'jdikan story, tingat lak kat my so called twin lah..(yeah.. its u azzreen) .. so, i called her and asked if she free to hang out with me.. no suprised, she said yes... yeah2.. ahahah.. hepi tyme tu mmg x t'gbr.. ( its been 2 month x jmpe die kayh..) hahah.. so, die choose nk jmpe kat mid.. (mid lagi) so, around 4 i arrived there n meet her... rindu terubat jua.. hahahaha... t'rse lapar lak kan, so pegi mkn kat mc d.. hehhehe... (my mission is to let her eat alot 2day) i ate my burger n she's ate her french fries.. hahahah... (ak berjaya bg dia mkn...) muahahahah... lps 2 g lpak2 kat MPH.. kater aku, nk g cri buku nk mmbace.. last ape habuk pon x bli.. huhuhu... n after dat we g tgu si afiq(the 3rd twins) at the coffee bean.. like after 30 munites, he show up wif his girl.. he's always wif his girl.. hahahah.. like after 30 minutes, we went to the gardens 4 a so called window shopping.. (mmg btol lor..) dh fulus pon xbrape nk ader, just window shopping je lar... n den makan lagi kat big apple...(my mission accomplished..) hahahah.. around 8 sumtin reen left me b'coz her cousin is waitin 4 her to go back to her aunt home... i just wandering around at carefour n jusco..(dh xde tmpat laen ke dlm mid tuh??)hahahah.. n den, i get my ass back home at kepong sentral.. hahahahahahahahhahahahah... soo called a day lah kan...

ps; at least ak b'jaya bg reen mkn... i almost 4got how its feel.. but now, i will never 4get it.. haha..

count me in when u r goin to see this movie...

Friday, February 6, 2009

lets get all wet~

okay.. its been awhile since my last post.. hahah.. a bit busy loh.. huuhu.. now im back.. okay.. my life at KLMU is better than i thought it will be.. i made my self some new amazing frens.. (yeah.. its u long.. n nia..) well, life here is the bomb.. that what i can tell u... since we got swimming pool here... we've been swimming like there's no tomorrow... huhuhu... (its fact.. sumtime smpai 3 to 4 hours swimming..) huuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu... mmg lar tired nk mmpos.. but, the fun part cover it all down.. huhu... so far, i like it here.. yeah2..

bob(bobo) n long.. cute.. hahah

yeah2... 'menara 3 tgkat"

lotta fun here...