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Saturday, February 14, 2009

again n again

i just coulnt help myself about it..
okay.. i love to shop..
but.. its developed into a habbit..
n now, i must at least buy sumtin evri single day..
wah wah wah..
like my father ni bilionaire ke ape..
n today..
me n long get our ass to mid(ermmm)..
nothin much actually..
his father just bank in sum money 4 him..
so, he wanted to bought a transformers that he's been crazy 'bout..
(yeah, he do love his toys)
soo called i dont want to buy anything lol..
i got our room new curtain...
its blueish purple..
(since my bed is light blue n long's pink!!!)
yeah.. our room is agak colorfull..
hahahhahahaha...isnt it adorable...

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