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Friday, February 6, 2009

lets get all wet~

okay.. its been awhile since my last post.. hahah.. a bit busy loh.. huuhu.. now im back.. okay.. my life at KLMU is better than i thought it will be.. i made my self some new amazing frens.. (yeah.. its u long.. n nia..) well, life here is the bomb.. that what i can tell u... since we got swimming pool here... we've been swimming like there's no tomorrow... huhuhu... (its fact.. sumtime smpai 3 to 4 hours swimming..) huuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu... mmg lar tired nk mmpos.. but, the fun part cover it all down.. huhu... so far, i like it here.. yeah2..

bob(bobo) n long.. cute.. hahah

yeah2... 'menara 3 tgkat"

lotta fun here...

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