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Thursday, February 19, 2009

soo not glam days!!!

erm.. how to start... okay.. last monday, i woke up around 11 coz i got my first class-Theory Of Food...(yeah.. since there's too much of hols turns out on monday) hahahah... so, my class start at 2 n wrap up around 4.30..(actually, its supposed to be at 5..) mybe coz of its the first class n my obviously fake curious face n damn boring classmates, my lec wrap it up early.. (i think) n after that, as im rushing to the KTM(its 4.30, n i dont wanna cought up with all the nonsense office crowds at 5), my dad call n told me that he's on his way to kl.. yeah2.. i saw my money coming.. hahah.. although he didnt mention a single words bout money.. hahahahhahahahaha... coz now im kinda broke.. heheheh.. when i reach home, i cought up wif the rest of my hsemates n quickly change my clothes.. coz i'll be in the pool in exectly another 5 min... hahahahah.. that nite, while i was eating wif my fren at kedai akak indon kat bwh tuh, my dad call n told he's on his way to me... yeah2... money money money... around 10, i met him n my uncle infront of kedai runcit bangla(that what we called the grocery store infront of our condo)... we lepak2 at the kedai makan..my father get his self roti telor n teh tarik..(thats his only fav i think..)hahahah... b4 they leave, i got my money(i've told u so), its 200 in total.. hahahah... that nite i hve a very nice dream of me goin shopping... huhuhuhuhuu.... like always... on tuesday, i supposed to hve class at 8.. but it turns out that im not be able to attend my ass to the class coz i didnt wake up.. hahahahahahah.. after i woke up at 12 noon, i get my ass ready coz im goin to klcc..(shopping ofcoz)... my first aim when im there is Kinokuniya... i got myself three new books...(i love reading) lepak2 around there until 5.30.. n den i went to starbuck n get myself iceblended chocolate...(the 4th most delicious drink) hahahahah.. lepak there until 8 if im not mistaken... den i got myself new clothes from ROMP.. hahahahah... when i got home, im only left with 20 ringgit... ARGHHH!!! (the price u hve to deal after u go shopping)... ishk2... im broke.. again!!! on wednesday, i got class at 11 n somehow i manage to be in that class.. (i havent sleep last night..) hahahah.. so at lunch.. me, long, nia n our new fren - syafiq...(he's not the same syapiq i've mention b4) they all ate lunch.. im excluded.. i hve 2 cut down my expences... really.. im broke.. i cant buy cigarrete, eat much less, n NO MORE SHOPPING!!!(thats hard)...... ishk2... pity me... n today i didnt hve any class.. not that i skippedany of my classes.. its thursday okay.. im free from any class.. hahahah... im not really in any mood rite now... im BROKE!!!!!!!! uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa........

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