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Saturday, February 7, 2009

twins day out!!!!

today, bgun je dri tdo kol 11 like dat(say nothin plezz), i felt so freakin damm bord.. so, t'lintas d my mind nk kuar.. so, ajk lar mmbe2 d umah ni kuar.. sume x ley pkai.. arghhh... tensi nyer.. nk d'jdikan story, tingat lak kat my so called twin lah..(yeah.. its u azzreen) .. so, i called her and asked if she free to hang out with me.. no suprised, she said yes... yeah2.. ahahah.. hepi tyme tu mmg x t'gbr.. ( its been 2 month x jmpe die kayh..) hahah.. so, die choose nk jmpe kat mid.. (mid lagi) so, around 4 i arrived there n meet her... rindu terubat jua.. hahahaha... t'rse lapar lak kan, so pegi mkn kat mc d.. hehhehe... (my mission is to let her eat alot 2day) i ate my burger n she's ate her french fries.. hahahah... (ak berjaya bg dia mkn...) muahahahah... lps 2 g lpak2 kat MPH.. kater aku, nk g cri buku nk mmbace.. last ape habuk pon x bli.. huhuhu... n after dat we g tgu si afiq(the 3rd twins) at the coffee bean.. like after 30 munites, he show up wif his girl.. he's always wif his girl.. hahahah.. like after 30 minutes, we went to the gardens 4 a so called window shopping.. (mmg btol lor..) dh fulus pon xbrape nk ader, just window shopping je lar... n den makan lagi kat big apple...(my mission accomplished..) hahahah.. around 8 sumtin reen left me b'coz her cousin is waitin 4 her to go back to her aunt home... i just wandering around at carefour n jusco..(dh xde tmpat laen ke dlm mid tuh??)hahahah.. n den, i get my ass back home at kepong sentral.. hahahahahahahahhahahahah... soo called a day lah kan...

ps; at least ak b'jaya bg reen mkn... i almost 4got how its feel.. but now, i will never 4get it.. haha..

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