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Friday, July 10, 2009

this is it..

i dont know why..
but today feels like shit..
everybody i know.. i mean everybody..
trying to hurt me..
ak x kesah same ade dorg sengaje or x..
i just..
ntah larr...
everything just mmg x kene hri ni..

last weekend..
all my housemates balik kampung..
leaving behind me, aril n kimo..
on sunday.. burn ajk g shooting..
ok gak boring2 ni..
we leave the house around 8 a.m..
shooting kat ne tah..
i doesnt even care..
shooting citer LIBAS..
hard to believe..
a malay movie..
escape from boredness..
ok2 je lar..
we all just the extras..
but.. our faces fuckinly infront of the camera like all the times...
control macho..
get back home at 6 a.m the next day..

monday pegi mid..
(yessss.. mmg xde tmpat laen dh ktorg nk lepak)
mat n apit nk shopping..
sakan oooo..

still feel like shit now..
even all my housemates try almost everything ro cheer me up..
thanks guys..
i need times to calm down..

cant i just kill her??

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sarara (*_*) said...

ko nk bunuh spe sbnarnye?