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Monday, April 4, 2011

plastic surgery....

maybe some of you know that im obsessed with korean..
and currently im obsessed with MBLAQ..
MBLAQ is a korean boy band..
same like Shinee, SuJu, Beast, and so on...

1 particular person that i like is Lee Joon from MBLAQ..
i want his hair!!!!
i want that hair!!!!
at this point, i regret that i cut my hair before earlier this year..
(damn you I.C picture)
maybe i need to go to the salon and get hair extension!!!
and yeah..
maybe some plastic surgery tooooooooooooo...
i want my face to be like that..
imagine how many girls will be drooling for me if i had that kinda face..
(and some sugar mummy tooooooo!!!)
and look at that clean baby face!!!
(maybe i need to scrub my face with an iron brush.. hahaha)

and his body to..
i want my body to he like his!!
in what universe will my body be like that..
keep on dreaming Alif!!
with your current situation..
(sleeping and eating like crazy!!)

ok now im stress and im heading to the swimming pool...
and maybe the GYM!!
(thats just a plan)
will try to stick to the plan...
fingers cross...


till next time peeps...

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