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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


when im goin back to kepong..
i was like..
this will be fun..
after 80% of boring-ness during holiday in perlis..
just when i stood here at kepong..
all the problems starting to hanging around me..
like SHIT..
i moved..
from the 3rd floor..
to the 2nd floor..
all my other roomies was like going emotional or whatever..
im just downstairs larrrr..
yg u all fuckin didnt talk to me these few days apasal lakkk...
serious shit la u guys..
kater adik beradik...
matured la ckit..
n whole few days i was not in the mood..
it will last another few days maybe..
doin some shopping without mood..
i just dont know how to express my feeling...
i just..
i just...
i just....

just ignore me like u always did!!!!!!

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