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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

no title

yesterday was Tuesday ryte..
so, yesterday lar..
hang out with min, pak jon, maqam n pon..
pegi umah pon dlu..
n den pegi pejabat SUK..
n den pegi makan at simpang empat..
min mengidam nk mkn bihun sup.
same with the others..
not me of coz...
im not a big fan of bihun sup..
later that evening..
maqam ajk pegi to this particular place..
none of us have a clue of where n what this place has to offer..
only maqam knows..
so, we all bergerak ke arah utara..
(menuju arah ke pdg besar larrr)
n lps je dri Terinai Timah Tasoh..
(org perlis msti twu)
ktorg msok a road covered with litle granite..
just after that..
nmpak sumtin yg agak interesting..
tmpat yg agak terselindung itu mempunyai pemandangan yg amat best..
the best part is, that place even got a resort..
i dont even know bout it..
b4 this, ak ader sebut yg perlis ni xde tmpat yg best utk org nk couple..
so, i think im gonna take back my words..
serious shit that place offer a view that can melt down the hardest heart..
minus all other details..
but, unfortunately..
i cant share pictures with u guys..
my cell out of batt that time..

till then..

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