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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


first of all....
dis week is SHIT...
on top of all..
i've lost my laptop..
not that i misplaced it..
i lost it in my own house..
it got stolen in my own house....
my house has been robbed..
and guess what..
my laptop is the only thing that got stolen..
thats not it..
nafiz's laptop bag also got stolen..
i mean, ITS MY LAPTOP!!!..
im soooo stressed out right now..
i bet my laptop is already been sold by the robber..
owh yeah..
i 4got to mention that the robber is not that smart after all..
he/she left some foot prints..
well, more than shoe print that he/she were wearing that time..
we'd rush all the student house last night..
we got nothing..

if i ever happens to meet the one who took my laptop..
i'll be sure to ask him to replace my laptop with a brand new apple macbook pro 7..
n after that..
my housies can eat him up..
i bet u will never live after that..
it serve you right...
(*feel free if you wanna join)
im still mourning riight now..
maybe for couple more days...

PITY ME......

i'll be missing you my dear laptop...
no other laptop can ever replaced you...

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