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Thursday, August 20, 2009

start all over again

b4 this, I've always complaining when i didn't top up my broadband or what so ever about my broadband.. and now, the broadband is stuck with me like 24/7.. so i guess i got nothing to complain about that anymore.. the other problem is that I DIDN'T HAVE MY LAPTOP ANYMORE... whats the point of having your broadband hanging around you 24/7 if you didn't have a laptop of your own right?? sigh.. that bastard who took my laptop will pay it somehow.. im sure.. and yes there are friends who owned laptop, but hey, its theirs and not mine.. they have all sort of assignments and works of their own.. its their laptop we are talking about.. for sure i cant borrow it every single day.. owh yeah.. the big news is i've told my dad about my laptop.. and his reaction is nothing that i had in mind... he was like "um" , "um" and "um" through out the conversation.. well, i seriously didnt expect that from him.. i thought he'll gone all mad and crazy about that.. but, im glad that i got him as my father.. cool and understanding.. hahaha.. thanks pa for being cool and understanding for me.. and yeah.. did i told you that my dad and i had an agreement about my monthly allowance.. we agreed that only RM600 PER MONTH... i was like, NOOOOOO!!!! i cant barely survive with a thousand a month and then i got this.. only 600.. what the fuck.. he told me that he want me to learn how to manage my expenses and stick to the money.. the first week, he gave me 300.. and guess what, all finished.. the next week another 300, i managed to hold it for 2 weeks.. last week, i ask for more.. i asked him to bank in another 200.. and guess what, he gave it to me.. he said that the money is untill the end of august.. but hey.. next week is my birthday.. so, im going to ask for more.. way more.. bcoz i got a celebration in mind.. hahahahahah.. and he couldn't say no to that.. hahahah.. i'll make sure of that.. ermm.. in 2 more days, we muslim are going to celebrate the coming of Ramadhan.. the fasting month.. this year, my goals are; (1) puasa penuh for the whole month (2)stop smoking

im going to try my best.. and wish me luck u guys.. im still hoping for a new laptop from my dad this birthday.. i've told him last week and he was like, "we'll see".. im keeping my fingers cross..
did i told you about my hamster yet.. i guess not.. she gotten all crazy.. ade ke patut die isi tunnel die dgn serbuk2 kayu.. bukan sikit.. tp sampai padat gile.. got what im saying.. perhaps she's alone.. hahah.. nnt la beli lg sekor bg die teman.. huhuhu.. ok lar.. enough rambling.. and i gotta say this.. THANKS YOU ALL FOR BEING SUCH AN AWESOME FRIENDS THAT I CAN COUNT ON....

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