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Friday, January 16, 2009

counting days...

erm... i've counting the day that i'll be registering as a student again.. n its finally here..(another day really..) yg sbetol nyer la kan.. esok bru nk regiter lar.. huhu.. tp ok what... ak exited nk msok KLMU.. huhu.. hope i'll do my best there lah.. (xnak dh kne dismiss this time..) ala.. last time yg kne dismiss from UTM pon, like i fuckin damm care.. mmg dh lma nk kuar pon.. not becoz of the student... (i love my frens there.. BATU's!!!! misssssss u guys.... i've been terrible without u guys..)but, i really cannot go lah with engineering.. (my style is if ak dh x ska sumtin tuh, i really cant do it, or even try to act that i can go with it..) well, thats me.. hahahah.. wish me luck at KLMU guys.. im fuckin cant wait to be there.. lalalalalalalalalalalal.... ahakz...

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