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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

nEw yEaR 2o09

i get my freakin damm ass on the bus to KL on tuesday nite around 9.45 p.m... n i arrive @ pudu around 5.40 a.m maybe.. i cant really recall that.. on 31 december, around 4 p.m sumtin i met azzreen(my owesome kinda twins ), t-kay, sab, sara, luke, musz, adam, darren n ilyas @ klcc... n den we went to EAT.. hahah.. (btw, sab didnt eat, as always..) rite after that, konikuniya welcomed us... hahah... we catch up a movie @ tgv.. HISTERIA.. kinda best lol... after the movie, we wave good bye to sara, t-kay, darren n ilyas... we went str8 to the pool outside suria klcc.. find a place 2 sit... its a fuckin new year @ klcc dis year.. NO CONCERT!!!! watta fuck!!! n we kinda 'amused' by the 3 hours 'air pancut' show... arghhh!!! but i hve 2 admit that the colour effect kinda cool... but thats all.. after 3 fuckin n painful hours, comes the best part... the fireworks r owesome!!!! we scream our lungs out... hahah.. ermm.. i think maybe me n azz je lar.. the other just jdi background... (really azz, ur sream make me felt like im deaf 4a sec.. lol).. then... we headed 2 BB.. sab n azz already freaks out 2 see such many people hangin @ BB... hahahaah... pompuan la ktakan... (did i mention that this is sab's 1st new year celebrationoutsibe home wif frens...) we lepak @ KFC for hours.. dah lah sebat sampai 2 meja... n we bought nothin at all.. hahah... the best thing is, mla2 nk mkn kat kedai mamak... last2, kene nasik goreng smpai 9 ringgit.. hahaha.. pdn mka.. huhuh... we lepak there untill 5.30.. then we headed back 2 klcc... (on foot of coz).. then.. i headed 2 my aunt home n the rest headed back to the collage... thats my new year.... lalalala....

sorie.. it seems like i cant upload photos yet.. i'll upload it somehow.. in the future lar.. hahah.. thats all 4 now... wait 4 mooore...

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