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Saturday, May 23, 2009

the one that i promise bout connot be posted..
due to certain condition..


de day after my last post....
i went to apit's rented house @ Nilai..(is it??)hahah.. i arrive around 11.. n i've been waiting there at the ktm station like fuckin crazy...(2 damn hours 2 be exact..) yeah apit.. im pretty damn angry bout that.. hahahah.. the excuse was that he fallen assleep.. SHIT... hahahah.. n at his house xde pape yg menarik sgt.. just rncg nk g PD.. but, both of us found out that the pillow was more intresting..(since both of us did not slept last nite coz chatting till suboh.. hahaha) bgun jek tros g mkn n g maen pool.. like always.. im just an audience.. im not really into this kinda stuff.. hahahah... n den dh suboh bru balik umah apit.. hahaha.. dlm petang cmtu, i've got my self back 2 my hostel... hahahahahah....
apit menunjukkan skill nya.. hahaha

on monday.. i got exams... worst.. i got 2 paper on that day.. WTF.. it's been like hell.. thank god it's not so hard.. (since i already got all the spot questions..) hahahaha.... thanks 2 my damn good lecturers.. n on wednesday i've got another paper.. but somehow.. i've missed it.. lol.. babi tol.. i did'nt woke up.. my frens try to wake me up.. but i did'nt.. ak siap bole kater nk repeat that paper nex sem lar, per lar.. ak btol2 x sedar... ak bergerak ke kolej.. ask if it possible 4 me to take that paper on that day.. unfortunately i cant.. i must wait 4 the referal examination... shit.. n i need 2 pay 2 take that exam.. fuck fuck fuck.. babi lar.. pdn muke ko alip.. sape soh miss paper.. kan dh kene byr.. hahahah...n den ak g mid.. saje jln2.. tyme nk balik, ak blikan
Big Apple's donut 4 the guys at home.. hahah. bapak hepi dorg.. hahahahah.. yeh guys.. im your santa..
the donuts

today.. ak bgun agak lmbat..(always) hahah.. n dpt call 4rom i of my pal sayin that she's leavin 2 french 2nite.. n he askin me if im free 2 meet him.. Fiza.. cen i ever pass a chance 2 meet with u.. hahahah.. so.. we met at KL sentral.. since she's taking the KLIA express to KLIA.. hahaha.. mkn2 jap kat Starbucks.. her treats of coz.. hahahah... agak kepenatan after dat... n den i met a new fren.. i knew him from myspace... msg2 n die kater die ader kat ctu gak... lepak2 ag.. hahahah.. n den balik je lar..mentelaah kitab ini..

i'll be having my papers on sunday..
i better get my books by now...

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