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Monday, December 13, 2010

love hate

late this afternoon, me and aril went to a movie...
Narnia(we watched it in 3D yawwwww.. haha)
about an hour after we got back from the movie..
i received a phone call from someone..
i received a shocking news..
he's been in an accident!!!
my heart stop for a moment..
luckily im still alive now..
long story short, he told me that he was having to much fun..
that's why he got an accident..
the funny thing is, he actually got that accident on his vacation with his family at PD..
i cant stop myself from laughing..
apart from feeling terribly sorry and pity for him, its actually funny...
i know u may be reading this someday..
so, u know that i care for you...
get well soon buddy...

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